Ament-Egypt Services

Support and experience, the key to a successful partnership.

We offer professional assistance to our principals, the following is an outline of our services, follow-up and support procedures :

  • Finding and defining project ideas and strategies for adaptation and inclusion in governmental plans.

  • Follow-up governmental plans and project announcements.

  • Finding potential new customers to increase the market share of our principals.

  • Follow-up on tenders in various fields and financing arrangements.

  • Investigate and collect information about our competitors and evaluate our opportunities.

  • Provide technical, legal, financial and taxation advice, by using our indirect professional business partners, our experience and knowledge of the local market, Egyptian laws and regulations, to ensure that all technical and commercial documents are submitted to the customer in a suitable and acceptable format

  • Providing adminstration support to our principal's representatives, visiting and meeting with Egyptian customers.

  • Support our principals in the bidding process and submit their offers to the clients/customers on their behalf.

  • Follow-up the technical and financial evaluation until final decision is reached by the customer.

  • Maintain contact and discuss with customers all technical and commercial aspects, to identify any problem, and ensure that it is resolved.

  • Assist our principals in finding any local deliveries and materials; if required within the contracts.

  • Follow-up on project's implementation until final acceptance.

AMENT currently operates as an agent or a business partner with a broad range of large international companies :

  • Siemens VAI Metals Technologies GmbH & Co.
    (Formerly: Voest Alpine Industrieanlanlagenbau - Austria)

  • Josua Corts Sohn (Germany)

  • Corts Engineering GmbH (Germany)

  • Ebner & Co. (Germany)

  • Morgan Construction Inc. (USA)

  • Gontermann-Piepers (India) Limited - 'GPI'

  • Shaifali Steel Limited (India)

  • Technip (Formerly: Mannesmann Demag - Germany)

  • Wabag (Austria)

  • Power Machines (Formerly: Energomash - Russia)

  • ZTR-Enesta (Austria/Ukrain) - (Formerly: Zait)

  • Mehldau & Steinfath - M&S (Germany)

  • Morris Material Handling (England)

  • Europe Combined Terminals (Netherlands)

  • Nordex AG. (Germany)

  • Sparkonix (India) PVT LTD

  • Duferco S.A. (Switzerland)

  • Sama S.p.A. (Italy)

  • Solvay Group (Belgium)

  • OVIVO Aqua Austria GmbH
    (Formerly: Aqua Engineering GmbH - Austria)

  • ANDRITZ A.G. (Austria)

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